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Patty Peck Honda can help with all of your lease end questions and concerns. We accepts all Honda lease turn-in vehicles regardless of where it was originally purchased.  We also accept lease turn-ins from other major Leasing Companies and Banks. 

Have a Question? We can simplify the next step:

  • My lease ends soon, what happens next?
  • Would like out of my current lease, what are my options?
  • Ready to upgrade to a new Honda Vehicle?
  • Love my leased Honda, can I buy it?
  • I’m over the miles, what are my options?
  • Just totaled my leased Honda, what happens next?

We can help with all of these questions and more
Contact our Lease Turn-In Manager, Jamal Likkel by calling 888-902-1166 or simply fill out the information below and Jamal will be in touch shortly. 

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