Patty Peck Honda Preferred Value Package

Customers of Patty Peck Honda learn very quickly the quality care they receive from this leading Honda dealership serving Jackson. Our Exclusive Preferred Value Package, a $3,575 value, is included with your New Honda or Premium Used Car purchase. vehicles come with the unbeatable benefits package when purchasing from Patty Peck Honda.

The Exclusive Preferred Value Package with unbeatable lifetime amenities and services is just one way we exceed our customers expectations at Patty Peck Honda. 

Your Value Package Benefits

  • Lifetime Powertrain Warranty - Exclusive lifetime powertrain warranty for as long as you own the vehicle...Unlimited Miles! Unlimited Time.
  • Lifetime 4 Wheel Alignment Checks at no extra charge - You can bring your vehicle into Patty Peck Honda Service up to 2 times a year, for as long as you own the vehicle for an alignment check and computer print out of the results.
  • Car Wash & Vacuum and no extra charge - Our service center will perform a complete exterior wash or your vehicle and vacuum the interior just for stopping in during regular service hours.
  • Mississippi State Vehicle Inspections at no extra charge - Patty Peck Honda will perform your yearly Mississippi inspection as long as you own your vehicle.
  • The Loyalty Advantage Benefit Package - Filled iwth valuable reimbursements, a $950 value at no addition cost to you; $50 Lock-Out Reimbursement, $200 Road Service Reimbursement, $200 Towing Reimbursement, $300 Trip interruption Reimbursement, $200 Ambulance Reimbursement.
  • 30 Day Pit Stop - To ensure you are off to a great start with your vehicle, we will perform a Pit Stop check up for you afer 30 days. We'll inspect tire wear and pressure. Check all fluid levels, topping off as needed and of course wash and vacuum your car.
  • Courtesy Towing - Patty Peck Honda will pay for the tow to our store within 50 miles and get you on the road again as soon as possible.
  • $500 Additional when you Trade - Service your vehicle at Patty Peck Honda following Honda's maintenance schedule. If all work required is performed we will allow you an additional $500 the day you trade it to us or issue a check to you that same day.
  • 15% Off Parts, Accessories or Service - Present your Preferred Value Package Plus card to the Parts and Service cashier and receive 15% off all Parts, Accessories and Service purchases at Patty Peck Honda.
  • LIFETIME Nitrogen for your Tires - Nitrogen is a dry gas that does not deteriorate rubber like "wet" oxygen. For many years, Nitrogen has been in use in the Military, Aircraft, Auto Racing & Bicycle Racing. It improves fuel economy, increases tire life by up to 30% and reduces the chance of tire failure by as much as 50%. Now you can ride with the same benefits when you purchase your vehicle from Patty Peck Honda.
  • Complimentary Coffee and Fresh Baked Cookies - Available during Service hours, we provide complimentary hot Coffee and freshly baked Cookis all day...Priceless
  • Loaner Vehicle if we don't Fix Your Vehicle the first time - If you need to bring yoru vehicle back to us because we failed to fix it right the first time, we will supply you with a loaner vehicle while the problem is being fixed.