Sandtastic Summer 2010 at Northpark Mall by Team Sandtastic

August 5th, 2010 by

Sandtastic Summer 2010For the summer of 2010, Northpark Mall enlisted the help of Team Sandtastic to build a 50-ton sandcastle in center court.  They began their handy work on July 6, 2010 and continued until July 12.  Northpark was looking for something big to help kick off their Sandtastic Summer 2010 and what better way than have Team Sandtastic build a massive sandcastle.  Local events such as ‘Hands in the Sand’ will be taking place at the sandcastle until it comes down on August 15, 2010.  Below is a slide show of the sandcastle, although this isn’t the same as seeing it in person…so be sure to visit Northpark Mall before August 15!

Patty Peck Honda was proud to be one of the sponsors to help bring Team Sandtastic to Jackson!  So who is Team Sandtastic?  Team Sandtastic is a group of guys that now work professionally on creating sand and snow sculptures.  They have a lot of experience and have taken first place in several events such as The American Sand Sculpting Festival.  Their work has taken them all around the globe from the Caribbean Islands to the Middle East, to recently South Africa for the World Cup, and many more locations.  Currently Team Sandtastic holds the title World Champion by coming in first at the World Championship Sand Sculpture Competition in British Columbia, Canada. They also hold the Guinness World Record for the tallest sandcastle ever built by hand in under 100 man-hours.  The sandcastle comes in at an amazing 28 feet by 7 1/4 inches!  All of their creations are made with sand and water, absolutely nothing else added.

If you haven’t been by Northpark recently make sure and stop by to take a look.  Team Sandtastic did an amazing job, and let’s face it with the title of World Champions it’s not surprising.