Honda Oil Change Service In Ridgeland

Honda oil change in Ridgeland

Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is key, especially when it comes to oil changes. While every part of your Honda is important, having fresh oil in the engine can keep your car running smoothly and for much longer. Our Honda service center in Ridgeland serving Jackson is staffed with incredibly talented technicians, waiting to help you keep your car in great shape.

Why are Regular Oil Changes Important?

While it seems like it’s nothing too important, oil changes are actually extremely important to the longevity of your vehicle. In order to keep your engine running smoothly, the old oil must be replaced with fresh oil regularly. Here are a few reasons as to why oil changes are important:

  • Removes engine particles and sludge: As the oil in your engine gets older, it builds up dirt particles that can be harmful to your engine. Once the dirt enters the engine, sludge can build up and the engine can begin to get corroded. When clean oil is inserted, sludge, dirt, and other particles are destroyed, creating a healthier engine.
  • Maximize gas mileage: Saving money and gas is always a top priority for drivers, so why not help yourself do so when you can. When your engine oil is old and thick, your engine has to work harder, reducing the overall efficiency of your vehicle. With new oil, your vehicle runs smoothly, and could improve gas mileage by 1% to 2%.
  • Keeps things running in the cold: Weather can affect your engine as well, especially when it gets cold. The colder the weather, the thicker the oil gets, which could give your engine some trouble when trying to start. With fresh oil, the engine is better equipped to handle such temperature changes.

Why Visit Our Ridgeland Honda Service Center

Patty Peck Honda settles for nothing less than excellence. Whether it be the quality of the vehicles sold or the services we offer, we want to leave nothing on the table. Our service center services all makes and models, and all drive-ups are welcome. With our convenient hours, drivers can visit our dealership as early as 7:30am Monday through Friday. We are located just about 20 minutes north of Jackson MS, so stop on by!

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