Money Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeLove It or Leave It Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes you love a car when you drive it off the lot but then something happens. Maybe the seat just isn’t right or your neighbor buys a car in the same exact color… with most dealers you’re stuck. We don’t like to leave our friends high and dry so Patty Peck Honda created our “Love It or Leave it Money Back Guarantee.” It’s simple: if you don’t love your car after you drive it home… Then Leave it.

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  • All New and Premium Pre-Owned retail vehicle sales except units designated Bargain Buster.
  • Less than 350 miles must have been driven since time of purchase.
  • Vehicle must be returned within 3 days (72 Hours) or 2 full business days whichever is greater.
  • Vehicle must be returned in same condition as when delivered to retail customer.
  • There is no damage to the vehicle (i.e. – body or glass).
  • The vehicle, in the opinion of the selling dealer, has not been abused.
  • If there is a trade involved, it will be returned unless it has been sold. If it has been sold, you will be refunded the wholesale value of the vehicle. If it hasn’t been sold but has had monies spent on it for reconditioning, this amount will be deducted from the refund.
  • All equipment that was on the vehicle when sold is returned in same condition (alarms, stereos, wheels, same tires, etc.)
  • All amounts still due and the $199.00 restocking fee will be deducted from the refund. If there is no refund due the customer at time of return, the $199.00 restocking fee must be paid in full before the return will be accepted.
  • Any and all expenses you have incurred will not be refunded. This includes charges for items installed or added to the vehicle or any gas purchased.
  • This refund policy applies to the vehicle(s) listed on the Retail Purchase Agreement and is not assignable to a third party.