New Honda Warranty

Honda Factory Warranty

Below is a quick reference to New Honda Factory Warranty Coverages. If you would like to review any Honda Warranty manual or Owners Manual please ask your Patty Peck Honda Sales Person when you visit our showroom and they would be happy to assist you with that information. Patty Peck Honda is Mississippi’s #1 Volume Honda Dealership located in Ridgeland, MS and serving the Jackson Metro area and well beyond.

The Honda New Vehicle Warranty Includes:

Honda Factory Warranty: Standard

This Honda Factory Warranty provides Bumper-to-Bumper coverage on your new Honda model for 3 years or 36,000 driven miles on the car, whichever comes first. One of the best things about the Honda factory warranty is that it stays with the car. If you transfer ownership during the factory warranty period, the warranty will still be valid. If you purchase a used Honda that is less than 3 years old and has fewer than 36,000 miles on it, the warranty will still be valid from the original purchase date.

  • Honda Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty (years/miles) = 3/36,000
  • Honda Powertrain Limited Warranty (years/miles) = 5/60,000
  • Honda Corrosion Limited Warranty (years/miles) = 5/unlimited

Additional Limited Warranty Information

  • Honda Accessory Limited Warranty – Honda accessories are covered up to 3 years or 36,000 miles.
  • Honda Replacement Parts Limited WarrantyHonda Genuine Parts are covered for 1 year. The warranty coverage for replacement parts purchased from and installed by a Honda dealer includes parts replacement and labor.
  • Honda Battery Warranty – The original battery that is installed in your new Honda vehicle is covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 milesA replacement battery purchased from an authorized Honda dealer like Patty Peck Honda comes with a warranty that provides coverage for 100 months. This includes free replacement and installation in the first 36 months if the battery is found to be defective. For the remaining 64 months, you are entitled to receive a credit towards the purchase of a new battery based on current retail prices at the time

Frequently Asked Warranty Questions

What is a Bumper to Bumper Warranty?

  • The Honda Bumper to Bumper limited warranty begins on the date the vehicle is put into use to the first purchaser by a Honda Dealer like Patty Peck Honda.
  • Some parts may have separate coverage under other warranties as described in your warranty booklet.
  • Honda will repair or replace any part that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use. All repairs/replacements made under this warranty are free of charge. The replaced or repaired parts are covered only until this New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.
  • The Honda Factory Warranty warranty does not cover normal wear or deterioration of any part.

What is the Honda Powertrain Warranty?

The Honda you have or are considering may not be equipped with all the parts listed below. This warranty’s coverage begins on the same date as the New Honda Vehicle Limited Warranty. The Honda Powertrain Warranty provides coverage for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Other parts may be covered so please refer to the warranty book for more details on your particular Honda model.

  • Engine
    Cylinder block and head and all internal parts, timing gears and gaskets, timing chain/belt and cover, flywheel, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, engine mounts, engine/powertrain control module, water pump, fuel pump, seals and gaskets.
  • Transmission and Transaxle
    Case and all internal parts, torque converter, transfer case and all internal parts, transmission/powertrain control module, seals, and gaskets.
  • Front-Wheel Drive System
    Final drive housing and all internal parts, driveshafts, constant velocity joints, front hubs and bearings, seals, and gaskets.
  • Rear-Wheel Drive System
    Differential housing and all internal parts, propeller shafts, universal joints, driveshafts, constant velocity joints, rear hubs and bearings, seals, and gaskets.

Patty Peck Honda’s Exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Patty Peck Honda Lifetime Warranty is good for as long as you own the vehicle! Unlimited time, unlimited miles. Our Lifetime Warranty will cover the engine, front-wheel-drive system, rear-wheel drive system, transmission, transaxle, and more … exactly what the Honda Powertrain Warranty covers. The Patty Peck Honda Lifetime Warranty also includes rental car coverage for up to 4 days when your car is in our Service Center for any eligible repairs. One thing that %%target_city_1%5 drivers like you will especially appreciate is that our Lifetime Warranty has a $0 deductible, so you can save on all covered services and repairs.

If you have any questions regarding the Honda Factory Warranty, Honda Powertrain Warranty, or the Patty Peck Honda Lifetime Warranty, please don’t hesitate to contact our Service Center online or give us a call at 601-957-3400.