2011 Honda Pilot Video – Using the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

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2011 Honda Pilot Navigation-equipped models feature a factory-installed Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® communication tool. Setting up your bluetooth compatible cell phone on a 2011 Honda Pilot is easy. Watch Ted Buck, one of our Honda Certified sales consultants as he helps Emily, a new Honda Pilot owner set up this feature. Helping our customers get familiar with the technology in their new Honda is part of our delivery process at Patty Peck Honda when you buy or lease a new Honda.


The bluetooth handsfree link system is designed to allow drivers to make and receive calls in their vehicle without touching their phones. This allows drives to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The drivers phone must be paired to the Handsfree Link system, a one time procedure, then calls can be made or received when ever the phone is anywhere in the vehicle and powered on.

Up to six compatible phones can be paired to a vehicles handsfree link system although only one can be used at a time. Compatible phones must have Bluetooth capability and have Hands-Free profile.

To make a call just press the Handsfree link talk button and say the phone number desired, its just that easy. Honda Bluethooth HandsFreeLink features include:

  • Store up to 50 numbers in the phonebook & up to 10,000 in the Navigation System
  • Phone numbers can be stored by voice
  • Vehicle audio system is automatically muted
  • Driver is given a choice to pick up or not
  • Caller’s voice comes from front speakers

HandsfreeLink uses bluetooth short range radio technology to link wirelessly with mobile phones. Bluetooth and the HandsFreeLink profile are widely on a variety of mobile phone brands and models. You will find an up-to-date listing of compatible phones are available at www.handsfreelink.honda.com.

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