Honda Tire Store

Honda Tire Store

In need of a new set of tires for your Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, or Honda Pilot? The Honda Tire Store at Patty Peck Honda in Ridgeland is the place to go. We carry a wide range of tires from major manufacturers that are the perfect fit for your Honda car, truck, or SUV. And for your convenience, you can even look up the correct fit for your vehicle and order tires for your Honda from us by using the search box at the top of this page. When you’re ready to have your new tires installed, you can count on our certified technicians to get the job done right and have you safely back on Madison-area roads in no time at all. Learn more about when to buy new car tires and get some tips on Honda tire care, then visit our Honda Tire Store in Mississippi today!

When Should I Replace Tires on My Honda?

Your tires are the only point where your vehicle comes into contact with the ground, and that means they’re the source of 100% of your vehicle’s grip and handling. Wondering when to buy new car tires? Most drivers can expect to replace their tires every 30,000 to 50,000 miles or every 5 years, but the answer to this question ultimately depends on a variety of factors. Different kinds of tires have different life expectancies, and tires may wear out prematurely without proper care and maintenance. 

Your Honda’s tires play the most crucial role in its performance and safety, so it’s absolutely vital to pay close attention to their condition. Having the proper tire tread depth will provide you with the maximum traction and control you need in all kinds of Brandon-area weather and road conditions. New tires typically have a tread depth of about 10/32 or 11/32 of an inch. Winter tires, tires designed for off-roading, and some truck and SUV tires have even deeper tread grooves. The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends that you replace your tires when the tread wears down to 2/32 of an inch

Most tires come with tread wear indicator bars which are at the bottom of the tread grooves in multiple locations across the tire. If the bars are flush with the tire ribs that surround them, it indicates that the tread depth has reached 2/32 of an inch. For a more accurate reading, you can pick up a tire tread depth gauge at your local auto parts store, use a ruler, or try the penny test to check the tread depth of your tires. What’s the penny test? It’s a quick and easy way to check tire tread wear, just follow these steps:

  1. Insert a penny with Lincoln head-first into a tire tread groove.
  2. If Lincoln’s head is covered and no longer visible between the grooves, you have plenty of tire tread depth.
  3. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, that means your tire treads are 2/32 inches deep or less, and it’s time to replace them.
  4. Repeat this process on all four tires and in multiple locations on each tire.

Honda Tire Maintenance

We provide the full range of Honda tire care services at our Honda Tire Store in Mississippi. Our experts will help you get the most out of your tires on the roads in and around Jackson. Here are some Honda tire care tips and maintenance services that you should take note of:

  • Along with checking the tire tread depth, it is important to keep your tires inflated to the recommended PSI is necessary at all times.
  • Regular tire rotations will help your tires to wear evenly and last longer.
  • Making sure that the tires are clean will also promote a longer lifespan.
  • Tire balancing is a specific type of Honda tire care that balances the weight of a tire and wheel to ensure a smooth, safe ride.
  • Front-end alignment, or wheel alignment, adjusts the wheels and related suspension components to the correct placement settings and angles to ensure that they are making even contact with the road.

If you are in need of Honda tire care service, schedule an appointment with us today. Just make sure to take a look at our current service specials to take advantage of some of the best deals available in the Ridgeland area.

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In the Honda Tire Store at Patty Peck Honda, you’ll find a wide range of quality tires from top brands like Dunlop, Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Yokohama, Hankook, Continental, and others. If you’re not sure about the correct tire size for your Honda, our experts will be happy to help you. If you have any further questions about the tires we carry or the Honda tire care services we provide, please feel free to reach out to our service team online, or give us a call at (601) 957-3400.