The New 2012 Honda Civic is “Excellence”

January 3rd, 2012 by

One word for the new 2012 Honda Civic is Excellence. If you are in the market looking for something safe, comfortable, most-reliable, fuel efficient and sporty, you may be impressed with the amazing performance of the 2012 Honda Civic, I was. From start to finish my experience was remarkable, it left me with a thrilling new perspective in the way I view Civics and the competition. It is easy to put into words the visible details but there are no words to explain the exciting feeling I had while driving this car.

The completely redesigned Civic is perfect for any student or graduate, first-time buyer, mid-size family, or anyone up for the new road challenge. The ride is so smooth, and quiet which may make it easy for you to lose track of how fast you’re driving; however with the completely digital display setup, your driving experience turns up another notch. The new IMID (intelligent multi-informational display) is very intriguing, it allows you to personalize your background picture and wallpaper as well as access other cool features.

With technology constantly updating it is nice to have a car that keeps up; we all know that we love our phones with music and integrating it in your car audio system can be a bit pricey. But you can count on Honda to always keep their customers in mind with design. Built-in features include iPod and iPhone universal USB adapter, AUX input, audio synching from the device of your choice, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, and two power sockets. Having that extra power-socket was enough to get me excited. When I travel with my friends there are always at least two of us who need a power outlet, so there is no more waiting to charge extra devices. This is only a few of the wonderful electronic additives that make the Civic even more luxurious.

The ECON button is a new feature that allows you to drive the car while maximizing fuel economy. This is a really neat feature that helps you get the most of your gas mileage with this 40mpg rated vehicle. The green bars located in the dash are your (coach bars) that will turn blue when you accelerate to a speed that is not economically efficient.

If you are worried about space then worry no more. The all new line up of 2012 Honda Civics have more interior space, leg room, and trunk space than any other civic; some have called it a “baby accord”. When I sat in the backseat I was ultimately shocked at how much space was available. Being a young traveler who loves to take trips, or carpool I found this very assessable. The back seat fits two full size adults or three small frame adults; overall I was ultimately impressed with my experience and will recommend this car to anyone in the market. If you are looking for fun, style and a thrilling driving experience EVERYTIME you take off in your car, then you need to test drive the 2012 Honda Civic TODAY.

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