2012 Honda Pilot Reviews and Comparisons

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Cars.com names the 2012 Honda Pilot “Family Car of the Year”. The Pilot SUV received a wide range of upgrades for 2012, including a sleeker front-end design, enhanced interior features and improved fuel economy. Cars.com called the Pilot “The perfect SUV for buyers who want to comfortably haul the entire family and all of their gear.”

“We’re delighted to see the eight-passenger Pilot’s versatility and family-friendly attributes recognized with this prestigious award,”said Vicki Poponi, assistant vice president of product planning, American Honda Motor Co. “The newly refined and more fuel-efficient Pilot provides real value and surprising sophistication for anyone shopping in the segment.”

USA Today, MotorWeek, and Cars.com “$37K and Under SUV Shootout”
Honda Pilot comparison

The 2012 Honda Pilot is not new to accolades, earning the top spot in the USA Today, MotorWeek, and Cars.com “$37K and Under SUV Shootout”. If you are researching your next SUV you will want to see how the Honda Pilot stands up to the 2012 Chevrolet Traverse, 2012 Dodge Durango, 2012 Ford Explorer, 2012 Kia Sorrento, 2011 Mazda CX-9 and the 2011 Toyota Highlander.

Here is what MotorWeek had to say about the Winner – 2012 Honda Pilot
Redesigned for 2009, the Pilot’s 250 horsepower V6 has the best fuel economy of the final four. Its squarish styling, more pure SUV than crossover, delivered loads of usable interior room too. Our very well-equipped front driver stickered at $36,170.

TAREK KOCH: The Honda Pilot was a car that I never thought of looking at. It’s more of a boxier car than I would prefer. The aesthetics of it from the outside just don’t appeal to me. Today, surprisingly, after getting in the car and driving the car, I enjoyed it. It was a nice ride. What it offers on the inside of the car makes up for what I don’t necessarily like in the aesthetics of it.

JAMES R. HEALY: Pilot might be the best all around choice, if you can get past the blocky styling. But it’s very practical, it seats 8, has a lot of things that you want in an SUV. Cupholders everywhere, space, sliding seats. Very good package all over.

BEN DAVIS: I always liked the burly chunky brawny style of the Pilot, from the exterior’s point of view. And the inside…it carries over pretty much just the same. It’s a really well done vehicle. Everything you touch is perfectly balanced, be there a switch, stalk, or any kind of button. In my opinion, I think it’s the best of the foreign efforts in this shootout.

KRISTIN VALERA: Honda Pilot has a conversation mirror that flips down from the center console, which is great. A lot of us parents wish we had eyes on the back of our head and this actually gives us that capability.

Read more about the “Shootout” here: MotorWeek review $37K Three-Row SUV/Crossover Shootout. “The perfect SUV for buyers who want to comfortably haul the entire family and all of their gear.” Cars.com

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