And the winner is….Blake Edward Thomas!

July 29th, 2011 by

The results are in for the Help My Honda Makeover Contest and the winner is…Blake Edward Thomas from Jackson, Mississippi! The local Facebook fan will get his Honda made-over by Patty Peck Honda, and all it took was a short YouTube video.

Twenty entries came through the “Help My Honda” Facebook tab, but only ten videos with the most votes made it into the Top 10 Finalists. From the finalists, Blake Edward Thomas will win the makeover!

For Blake, it’s crucial to have a safe and reliable Honda everyday. Not only is he a musician and an artist, but also a personal assistant for a determined young woman named Nicole Marquez. Nicole had always dreamt of becoming a professional dancer, so when a terrible accident nearly took that away from her, she fought back….and is still fighting today.

Three years ago Nicole was living in New York auditioning for Broadway. After her most promising audition yet, Nicole went home and realized she had locked herself out of her top floor apartment. She went to see if she could get in through an open window, and that’s the last thing she remembered.

Nicole had fallen six stories and was found unconscious eight hours later. She had a broken neck, broken back, broken pelvis, a punctured lung and an eight-inch piece of glass sticking into her back. Doctors told her she may never walk again, but she was determined to prove them wrong. With plenty of physical therapy and perseverance, amazingly Nicole is dancing again. Unfortunately she’s not allowed to drive herself.

While Blake isn’t playing in his band, Storage 24, or painting art, Blake’s duties as a personal assistant consist of driving Nicole to doctor appointments, physical therapy, the pharmacy and everywhere in between in his 1994 Honda Civic. Blake’s YouTube video, which received the most votes at 167, explains a few issues with his Civic. Patty Peck Honda plans to fix the vehicle’s problems and improve its overall appearance.

Nicole still has a long road ahead of her, but has made a huge recovery and says she won’t stop until she’s on Broadway. Check out her website, “You Can’t Stop This Dancer.”

Patty Peck Honda will reveal Blake’s Honda at an event at the dealership within the next month and half. Dates and details on revealing the makeover are to be announced.

Congratulations, Blake Edward Thomas! We hope you enjoy your new and improved Honda!

Blake’s entry: