Most Overlooked Auto Services

December 6th, 2010 by

Flat TireDid you know that some of the most common checks often get overlooked in between kids’ events, early days at the office and the occasional weekend travel. The overlooked items may not seem high priority, but can be source of major frustration when circumstances require you to depend on them.

Tire Presure Check
Tire pressure is vital to your cars performance, safety and operation expense. Today most cars come with Tire Pressure Monitors some times referred to as TPS. These monitors signal the driver when improper inflation is detected. Addressing the light when it comes on, by checking and adjusting tire pressures as needed will maximize, fuel economy, and overall safety. The tire pressure that is commonly overlooked is the spare. The spare tire may be a space saver tire, but most still require checking for proper inflation. A flat tire experience only becomes worse when you find the spare is underinflated rendering it no better than the flat you took off.

Windshield Wiper Blades Replacement
Windshield wiper blades are another item you might not be giving a lot of thought to until you need to count on them to perform. Getting caught in rain or snow with worn wiper blades is sure to make for a stressful drive and might reduce the driver’s vision enough to be dangerous. The rubber Wiper Blade Insert should be inspected every 6 months and replaced every year. The rubber insert deteriorates from ultraviolet rays from the sun and oxidation even with out use.

Air Filters Replacement
Air Filters are often neglected which adversely affects overall engine performance and fuel economy. The loss of performance and economy is a gradual, subtle effect often not noticed by today’s busy drivers. Unfortunately the air we live and drive in is full of dirt, dust and other contaminates that are harmful to your engine. Air Filters should be check every other oil change and should be changed a minimum of once a year for most driving environments.

Today’s vehicles also offer filtration systems for the air we breathe while driving and much like the air filters in our houses protect the Air Conditioner and Heater from inefficiencies caused by contaminates in the air. The systems are often called Cabin Filtration. The Cabin Air Filter should be checked twice a year and replaced yearly under most driving circumstances, just like the filter in your house it is always better to replace while it is still cleaning the air, do not wait for it to become dirty restricting air flow and allowing contaminates to re-circulate in the passenger compartment.

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