Less Than Perfect Credit, Need a Car Loan? Patty Peck Honda Can Get You Approved

October 27th, 2010 by

If you have less than perfect credit, no problem. You CAN still buy a car. Patty Peck Honda has a dedicated department solely to help people challenged by less than perfect credit. The department began operation two years ago, and is lead by Avery Collins one of our Finance Managers. Avery explains how it’s possibly to purchase a car, truck or SUV, even if you have challenged credit.

People think that if they’ve declared bankruptcy in the past, had repossessions, or are on a fixed income they can’t buy a vehicle, says Mr Collins. But this is untrue. That’s why Patty Peck created this department. This is our focus… to get those people with less than perfect credit into the driver’s seat of a Patty Peck Honda vehicle.

We know that many issues from health to employment, financial situations can arise that can not be avoided that affect your credit report. For most people, it’s imperative to have a car for school or work. Other dealerships may have turned you down which can be discouraging. But here, our department works with you to see what car fits you and your budget.

Avery truly enjoys helping people who might find themselves in a position that is beyond their control get the car they deserve. Realizing and understanding all the different types of financial situations, his expertise has given him the knowledge to work with certain lenders to accommodate customers. His competitive nature motivates him to get you financed. As a Finance Manager, he finalizes approximately fifty deals a month. This shows that many people are getting approved, and you can too!

Avery has worked at Patty Peck for almost two years. Originally from Jackson Mississippi but currently living in Clinton, he has been serving those who may not fit other dealerships criteria for credit acceptance, for over ten years. He is on-site from morning to night and on Saturday, so you’re sure to find a convenient time to discuss how his department can help you with the many opportunities our special lenders offer. Avery and the team will speak to you privately and confidential knowing that often times this can be a very sensitive subject.

You can contact Avery or our Finance Team by giving us a call at 888-902-1166 or online Financing.