Honda Civic: Customer Spotlight!

April 29th, 2011 by

Todd L. from Madison recently bought a new Honda Civic at Patty Peck Honda. Here is his story:

Gas prices are crazy and owning two gas guzzlers is taking its toll on our wallet. I have been thinking about trading in my truck for a small car with good gas mileage for a couple months. Finally decided on the Honda Civic because they are known to be dependable cars that last.

At the time I was looking I saw on Patty Peck’s website that they were offering .9 apr and lifetime warranty on engine/transmission. Met Doug Smith (sales person) in the parking lot by chance and during small talk we figured out we lived down the street from each other. From there I told him what I wanted in terms of price and trade in and he worked with me to get what I needed. That afternoon I signed the papers and now am a new 2011 Honda Civic owner.

The reason for trading in my truck was completely gas mileage. I was averaging 17 mpg and filling up once a week. With the Civic I can double that and save a lot of money at the pump. With gas prices almost at $4 a gallon that savings adds up QUICK!!!!!

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