What To Do When You Are At The End Of Your Honda Lease

July 26th, 2012 by

If you are nearing the end of your Honda Lease you may have a few questions. Great news, there are plenty of options! This is a good time to not only look at your options, but look at Honda’s improvements in technology, safety, fuel economy and current Honda Lease Specials.

Several End of Lease Options To Choose From
Option 1: Trade it in and get a new Honda
This option is convenient, easy, and best of all, you get to drive off in a brand new Honda!

Option 2: Purchase your leased Honda
Buying your leased Honda is a great way to continue benefiting from its reliability, performance, and high resale value. If you decide to buy your vehicle, there is no need to have it inspected. Many financing options and Honda Care extended protection plans may be available to you …we can help!

Option 3: Return the Honda that you leased to Patty Peck Honda even if you didn’t lease it here.
Your lease is over when you have made all of your payments and turn in your Honda to us. You will need to schedule a free vehicle inspection during the last two months of your lease. Honda Leadership Leasing includes an Excess Wear and Use Waiver of $500 per incident up to a total of $1,500, but you will be responsible for any wear or use that exceeds the waiver. Plus, you will be responsible for any outstanding payments, excessive mileage, and any other outstanding obligations specified in your lease agreement.

At Patty Peck Honda, we can help answer your questions as well as show you the many Honda Lease Specials going on right now. Speed up the process and have our lease turn-in specialist give you a call: https://www.pattypeckhonda.com/lease-turn-in