Exclusive Credit Repair Help for Jackson Area Car Shoppers

January 11th, 2012 by

Jackson Credit Repair“In this economy unexpected things happen to good people, with temporary job loss or just circumstances beyond their control”. Patty Peck Honda, has taken action and wants to work for YOU. If you are tired of turn downs, non-approval letters, or have good credit and simply want GREAT credit, then continue to read on your help is on the way.

Over the past few years our economy has seen a dramatic shift in our finances; Jackson Credit Repair specialist Mr. Avery Collins realizes and understands all the different types of financial situations. His expertise has given him the knowledge to work with certain lenders to accommodate customers. Mr. Collins is one of three finance managers and he has been serving those who may not fit other dealerships criteria for credit acceptance for over ten years.

The exclusive Recreditpair program is unbelievable, and just what the economy needs to get things shifting upward. This service is locally offered ONLY at Patty Peck Honda and is a remarkable system designed to help those suffering with low credit ratings, repossessions, bankruptcies, fixed income or those who have less than perfect credit. The credit repair department specializes in helping people who have had some hardships get into a vehicle. Recreditpair simplifies the complexities of credit and helps the consumer understand how to improve and maintain their credit.

Unlike other dealerships Patty Peck Honda offers choices for those looking for bad credit car loans in Mississippi and surrounding areas. With financial advisors who team up with over 25 different banks and lenders. The first thing you need to do is Reserve your FREE copy of Recreditpair ,by calling the dealership at 601-957-3400 ask to speak to an available sales representative or just stop by for more information. This is a simple 1-2-3 process and sooner than you think, you will be headed in the direction that you need to be in. The longer you wait the longer your credit restoration will take. Wait no longer, come see what we can do for you today to help make your tomorrow better.