Gas Saving Tips from Patty Peck Honda’s Facebook Friends

March 3rd, 2011 by

Gas prices have recently gone through the roof, so we’ve asked our Patty Peck Honda Facebook friends to give us a few tips on how they burn less gas and keep more money in their pockets. They have suggested some fabulous ideas on how to save money while cruising around town or as some suggested, not cruising around as much. A big thanks to all of our Facebook friends for their post and taking the time to share. Trying out just a few of these tips will make a difference.

Gas Saving Tips From our Friends:
Stephanie – Drive the speed limit.

Lynn – Stay at home.

John – Proper tire pressure is a must. Another tip is using full synthetic engine oil, and by keeping your car clean. When a cars exterior is clean it has a lower coefficient of drag, meaning it slips through the air better. Also, remove excess weight. If you don’t need it, don’t haul it around.

Valerie – Proper tire pressure, and do a fill-up instead of a few dollars.

Emmi – Walk or ride a bike.

Karla – Driving my Accord which has 280,000 miles on it.

Diana – Check local fuel prices to get the best deal and carpool whenever possible.

Sarah – Try to avoid sitting in lines….get out early on a Saturday to do shopping or leave a little early in the morning to beat traffic jams. Get out of the car and walk in rather than sitting in line at a drive-thru window.

Taylor – Buy a new fuel-efficient car from Patty Peck Honda.

James – Go inside fast food chains, instead of waiting in a long line and I try to keep the tank close to at least half full.

Kathy – If traffic allows, coast before stopping or turning…think to yourself: I’m going to turn there anyway, why gas it and then have to brake…from here to there, I saved some gas. Also, roll the windows down instead of always using the AC. Right now, this is perfect weather for that. One more: unload the backseat and trunk…the heavier your vehicle is, the more gas it uses.

Lee – Ride a hot pank Segway like I do!!

Emily – Don’t sit idle for too long…it can burn as much gas as driving.

Tamara – Take good care of your car (regular maintenance- tires inflated, oil changes, etc…) No speeding, and not hauling around unnecessary items are good ways to save fuel. Also, buy a higher MPG car or win one from Patty Peck Honda’s Zippity-Doo-Dah Car Giveaway!

Patti – Don’t gun the engine when taking off from a stop light.

TerryAnn – There are enough stores in your local neighbor to shop to avoid driving all over town. Make a list of the stores you need to visit that day, doctors, etc. I usually try to incorporate all my chores/shopping around… one that is a stationary chore, (meaning the time is locked in). I will start earlier than needed and only do all the chores on the side of the street going to my locked in stationary time chore. On the way back from my appointment, I will finish the chores on the side leading back home. I pay many bills on the web, saving some driving and a stamp.

Lisa – In the summer, I turn off my AC when I come to a stoplight or have to slow down and leave it off until my car has picked up speed again. I also try not to accelerate with a heavy foot. Accelerate nice and easy and turn off the AC when going slow or stopped.

A Big thank you again Patty Peck Honda Facebook Friends for taking the time to post and share, enjoy your Eat Jackson Card and mini Patty Peck Honda flashlight!

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