Have You Entered the Help My Honda Makeover Contest?

July 12th, 2011 by

Only a Week Left in the Help My Honda contest!

Could you, a relative, a friend or a co-worker use a free Honda makeover? If your answer is yes, then you’re in luck! We are currently holding a sweepstakes on our Facebook page to giveaway a Honda makeover to a Patty Peck Honda Facebook fan!

So how can you enter?

1. Create a video of your ugly, old or beat-up Honda using a video camera, FlipCam or SmartPhone
2. You must do a minimum 30 second walk-around tour explaining why your Honda deserves to win a makeover. Give us your car’s background. When did you get it? How often do you drive it? Does it have a name? What are its flaws or even high points? What’s the model? How many miles does it have? Any descriptive feature (appearance, sounds, smells) that explains why your Honda needs a recondition. Show us your personality. Originality, creativeness and humor are encouraged!
3. Upload the video to your YouTube Account
4. Go to www.facebook.com/PattyPeckHonda and “like” our page
5. Click on the “Help My Honda Makeover!” tab to the left
6. Click “Allow Our App” (Don’t worry; your information will not be shared with any third parties. This is a standard Facebook procedure for applications.)
7. Click “Enter”
8. Fill out the form to submit your entry – be sure to paste the full YouTube URL of your video

These videos need votes! The Top 10 Finalists will be determined by the number of votes, and the Patty Peck Panel will choose one (1) winner.

So how can you vote?

1. Go to www.facebook.com/PattyPeckHonda and “like” the page
2. Click on the “Help My Honda Makeover!” tab to the left
3. Click “Allow Our App”
4. Click “Vote Here” to browse through the entries
5. Below the video you want to vote for, click “like” to cast your vote

*To find a particular participant…click “Search By”, “Contest Participant Name” in the drop down menu, and enter the participant’s name

How to Promote your Video:

–Click “Share” to post the video to your wall to gain more votes from your friends
–Click “Send” if you want to send a private message to a particular set of friends

Only two more weeks until the contest is over, so don’t delay! Enter or vote now at www.facebook.com/PattyPeckHonda

Need some help?

Call Donna at 601-957-3400 or e-mail julieanne@mojolocollc.com. We can answer any questions you may have and even create your video for you. Let us know because we are happy to help!

The contest ends July 25, 2011. Between July 25 – July 28, the Top 10 Finalists will bring their vehicle to the dealership located at 555 Sunnybrook Road in Ridgeland. The Patty Peck Honda Selection Panel will inspect all of the potential winners, and then choose one (1) participant to win the Grand Prize.

The winner will be announced July 29, 2011 on Facebook and Twitter.

Get the Rules Here: Official Rules and Regulations.

Watch our video below to learn more: