Used Hondas With Benefits

August 10th, 2011 by

If you have shopped for a used car you already know the process brings on a unique set of anxieties. Although quality, appearance, and cost play a big role in the decision, the concern comes from the unknown, what previous care was given, service history, any accidents, number of owners, you get the idea.

The Honda Certified Used Car program has blurred the lines between New and Used vehicles, removing the stigma attached to used cars. These days, our customers see certified cars more as an extension of new cars than used cars offering an affordable alternative without giving up the important features, quality and style they want.

You’ll find that most manufactures offer some type of certified program for used vehicles, but this doesn’t mean that they are all the same. You’ll want to compare the major differences that you’ll find in the warranty, inspection list, and acceptable vehicle condition. See why this is not just another certified program.

Honda Certified Qualifications
Only well maintained Honda models that are less than six years old and have a minimum of 80,000 miles are eligible for certification. Our certification process will weed out all of those that won’t meet Patty Peck’s or Honda’s stringent expectations. The following is what every Honda Certified Used Vehicles goes through:

We run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report.
Perform an exhaustive 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection, by one of our Honda Technicians.
Our Honda-trained technicians scrutinize all major vehicle systems, including brakes, engine, drivetrain, steering, suspension, tires, wheels, exhaust system and vehicle interior and exterior.
Service reconditions any component that does not meet our standards.
Any component that cannot be reconditioned is replaced with Genuine Honda parts.
Then we perform an up-to-date scheduled maintenance service.
The Honda Certified Warranty
Take delivery of a Certified Honda knowing it is as close to new as possible and backed by one of the most extensive used-car warranties in the business.

Powertrain Systems and Components Coverage: Up to 7 years or 100,000 miles from the date the vehicle was first registered under the Honda New Car Limited Warranty.
Non-Powertrain Systems and Components Coverage: For 12 months or 12,000 miles beyond the expiration date of the standard new-car warranty (except normal wear and tear, paint and upholstery).
Deductible: No deductible on covered repairs made at Patty Peck Honda or any Honda dealer nationwide.
Certified Warranty is transferable between private parties.
Honda Care Extended Warranty
For even greater peace of mind, Honda offers Honda Care® Certified Additional Coverage. One program extends the non-powertrain equipment coverage for a total of 7 years, 100,000 miles from the date the vehicle was sold as new—the same as the powertrain coverage. Or increase your confidence interval further and extend both powertrain and non-powertrain coverage for
a total of 8 years, 100,000 miles or even 8 years, 120,000 miles. Benefits include:

Comprehensive component coverage
Roadside assistance
Lock-out assistance
Rental car reimbursement
Trip interruption benefits
You might think it would be hard to finding a great selection of quality used Honda vehicles, but not at Patty Peck Honda. Start your Honda Certified Used Car search now. Other helpful links are Honda Certified Used Car Warranty and the Certified Check List.