Honda Element used to Promote Jackson Area Business and Deliver Pizza

August 25th, 2010 by

Chris Sartin, Owner and Founder of Soulshine Pizza Factory, with their wrapped Honda Element.

While you’re probably familiar with seeing a typical white, black or gray Honda driving through the Jackson Metro Area, you’ll take a second look after seeing this Honda Element. Chris had the Element wrapped in a funky, earthy design for the Soulshine Pizza Factory. Sartin, bought his Honda Element from Patty Peck Honda 4 years ago and decided to have it wrapped for about a year. Looking for something that would get the public interested about the company. With its tie-dyed design and unique shape, he says it really “speaks for itself.” It is primarily used for catering.

Because this Honda SUV has been such a hit, Chris is considering getting another wrapped Element for Soulshine near the Reservoir. But why did he choose this sporty, distinct vehicle? He says it’s very easy to clean, which is vital for carrying food around town. The Honda has rubber flooring and high ceilings for transporting equipment, pizzas and other types of food. The versatile vehicle is also a good way to save money on gas. With only 27 miles to the gallon on the highway, it is efficient compared to your average catering van. Not only is Chris interested in going green, but it is safe and reliable for his employees. He says sometimes the employees will use it to run errands to the bank or other business-related tasks, and safety is especially important.

Soulshine gets in a catering order at least once a day, so this car is on the road pretty often. Chris says, “I am going to keep our Element until the wheels fall off.” Soulshine’s hip-looking Honda Element will continue to follow out its catering duties and make its way around the Jackson area for a long time to come. So if you’re looking for an exclusive way to promote your business, a wrapped Honda Element can do the job.

Did we mention they also have incredible Pizza?  Be sure to visit  Soulshine Pizza at either of their 2 locations – Ridgeland MS 1111 Highland Colony Parkway or Brandon MS /Reservoir 1139 Old Fannin Road.

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