Rising Gas Prices May Limit Supply of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

January 25th, 2011 by

Rising Gas PricesPredicted rise in fuel prices may limit supply of popular fuel efficient vehicles.

Recent increases in fuel prices and the expected rise to $3.25 per gallon before Memorial weekend, as reported in the Associated Press, “Higher Pump Prices Coming Your Way This Spring” will cause increase demand that may result in supply shortages for Honda’s fuel efficient vehicles.

When fuel prices soared past the $3.00 per gallon mark in the summer of 2008, manufacturers reduced incentives has demand created shortages for popular models. U.S. new vehicle sales increased modestly in 2010 but still ended the year far below the sales rate of 16 million vehicles annually achieved in 2007. Industry insiders are concerned that they will not be able to react fast enough to a sudden change in demand brought on by high fuel prices.

Fuel Efficient Honda Vehicle

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