How To Upload Wallpaper To The 2012 Honda CR-V i-MID Display

June 16th, 2012 by

A little known cool feature on the 2012 Honda CR-V is the ability to personalize the i-MID (intelligent Multi-Information Display) with up to three different images. Take your USB flash drive and follow the steps below.

Steps For Importing Wallpapers From A USB

You can import up to three images, one at a time for wallpaper from a USB flash drive. Select Import Wallpaper from Customize Settings and properly connect a USB flash drive to store an image.

  1. Connect the USB Flash drive to the adapter cable.
  2. Press the MENU button.
  3. Select Customize Settings with the + or – button, then press the SOURCE button.
  4. Select Display Setup with the + or – button, then press the SOURCE button.

Below is information on file format and image size. You will find all this an more on page 92 of the 2012 CR-V Owners Manual.

  • When importing wallpaper files, the image must be in the USB flash drive’s root directory. Images in a folder cannot be imported.
  • The file format of the image will need to be BMP(bmp) or JPEG (jpg).
  • The file size should be no bigger then 2 MB with a maximum image size of 1,920 X 936 pixels. If the image size is less then 480 X 234 pixels, the image will display in the middle of the screen with the extra area appearing in black.
  • Make sure that no more then 64 characters are in the file name.

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