My Experience with the 2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L

January 20th, 2012 by

As Patty Peck Honda’s Social Media Manager, I help manage Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the blog site and more for this Jackson area Honda dealership. This week I was given an opportunity that I was very excited about — to test drive a 2012 Honda Accord Couple EX-L for one week. And I must say…Wow! This was opportunity that I was loving every minute of. This coupe was, hands-down, the best car I’ve ever driven. The second I put my hands behind the wheel, I realized it was undoubtedly the smoothest ride I’ve ever experienced and that it wasn’t going to be easy going back to my old vehicle.

Where I live, some of the streets have a few bumps here and there. While cruising in the 2012 Honda Accord Coupe, it was as if I was driving on the flattest streets in town. Not only was it smooth, it accelerated quickly which was great for merging onto the Interstate. This 4-cyliner, 5 speed automatic vehicle also gets GREAT gas mileage. My personal vehicle is an SUV, and I was absolutely loving this new idea: saving money on gasoline! This fuel-efficient Accord Coupe gets 33 highway MPG. I enjoy spending my money on shopping and other things, so keeping the gas station trips to a minimum was definitely a breath of fresh air. I was already feeling spoiled!

One of my favorite parts of driving the 2012 Accord Coupe EX-L was the interior and technology features. The interior had soft, tan leather seats and the other parts were black, giving it an even more sleek look. You never know what the weather is going to be like in January in Mississippi, and luckily the temperatures were in the upper 60s most days; I was able to use the sunroof some which was great. But probably my favorite part about this vehicle was the XM radio, Bluetooth® and USB Audio Interface. My 2004 SUV doesn’t have any of this so I took full advantage of it! I was able to hook up my iPod to the USB port or switch to XM radio if I wanted something a little different. The Bluetooth® was a blessing, as well. I didn’t have to worry about driving with only one hand; I felt safe and at ease using the Bluetooth® feature.

In regards to safety, Honda is known for providing safety in each and every vehicle, so I knew I was in good hands. The brakes were amazing; the standard 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes help the driver maintain control during hard braking. The 2012 Accord features crashworthy in-floor frame rails and front and side air bags to help reduce the likelihood of injuries in a collision.

As a 24-year-old, I was pleased to hear about their Honda financing options and the Honda Graduate Program. Both of these options allow me to afford my perfect Patty Peck Honda and allow me to get special, low rates. This cute, white 2012 Accord Coupe had it all: a beautiful exterior and interior, all the technology features I needed, and very fuel-efficient. It was perfect for me — I’m truly sad to return this Honda, but I enjoyed every minute of it and I thank Patty Peck Honda for giving me the opportunity to test drive it. This Jackson MS Honda dealership is surely one-a-kind. If you’ve thought about shopping for a Honda, I definitely recommend the 2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L at Patty Peck Honda.

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