The Honda Graduate Program at Patty Peck Honda

March 3rd, 2011 by

Life after college has more perks than you might expect. No more midterms, no more finals, no more worrying about your GPA, and a great deal from Patty Peck Honda.

You may be a little worried that you won’t qualify for financing right out of college. That’s why Honda created the Honda Graduate Program; it can help you purchase a Honda with flexible financing.

The Honda Graduate Program can help make it easier to qualify for financing, and allow you to drive away for a small down payment. To help make your monthly payments as low as possible, we can customize the financing term to your needs.

This program is specifically designed for those post-college students who may not have any credit at all, and that is understandable. That’s why Patty Peck Honda wants to help those individuals qualify so they can purchase their very own Patty Peck Honda or Honda Certified Used Car. Talk about a great graduation gift!

Get the Honda Graduate Program Details Here
Watch the YouTube video below to see a graduate who lives in the Jackson, MS area now. She’s looking to buy a new car and tells us how it’s good to know the Honda Graduate Program can help her.

Graduation is right around the corner and can be a very exciting time in your life. Let Patty Peck Honda help you qualify for a vehicle through the Honda Graduate Program. Stop by our dealership or call us at 888-902-1166 to schedule a time to discuss your vehicle needs.