Run for Life Marathon & Half Marathon Madison MS

August 24th, 2011 by

Patty Peck Honda is proud to sponsor the Run For Life Marathon & Half Marathon once again this year. We’re excited about the upcoming race on October 15th, 2011 in Madison, Mississippi.

Meet Mark and Robin Simpson, Directors of Marathon Makeover:

The program is a 40-week, marathon-training, wellness program helping ordinary people do the extraordinary — train for and finish a marathon. They turn couch potatoes into marathoners!

This race is very friendly — you’ll see all levels of fitness such as walkers, runners and joggers. Most of their past marathoners could barely walk or run one mile when they started! People from all walks of life and ages have grown through this life changing experience.

The Run For Life Marathon & Half Marathon will host its third year of celebrating running and walking for life. It will feature a double-loop course with an 8-hour time limit.

People can go to Run For Life Marathon, registration is now open for the Run For Life Marathon & Half Marathon on October 15, 2011.

Have you seen the Patty Peck Prize Coupe zipping around town? The wrapped Patty Peck Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid is a great way to encourage people in the community to get up and get moving. Throughout the year, Marathon Makeover has been able to identify people who have made a difference, and those people have won prizes such as water bottles, t-shirts and more. The Prize Coupe will be leading the way on the day of the race!

You can also check out their Facebook page to join the conversation. Get started to learn more about the Run for Life Marathon & Half Marathon and join others in this life changing experience.