What Causes More Accidents Than Distracted Drivers?

May 7th, 2012 by

Believe it or not, failure to use a turn signal causes twice the number of accidents than are caused by distracted drivers. According to a new study from the Society of Automotive Engineers, turn signal neglect, either by failing to turn when their signal is activated or not activating the signal at all, happens an astonishing 750 billion times per year.

The study shows that the neglect rate for lane changing vehicles is 48% and turning vehicles 25%. Thats 750 billion times a year that drivers neglect turn signals in just the US. This is one of my biggest driving pet peeves, it is so easy to use turn signals.

“This is a first of its kind report on a subject that amazingly, has never been studied. The turn signal is one of the very original automotive crash prevention devices and this simple driver to driver communication device remains extremely effective, but only when it is accurately displayed as required by law”, states Richard Ponziani, P.E., President of RLP Engineering and author of the report. “The turn signal can no longer be considered ‘optional’ and all drivers have an ongoing duty to use it, just as they have a duty to stop at a stop sign or at a red light” he added.

We asked our Facebook fans, “What is your biggest driving pet peeve”? Below I have shared a few of their comments. Share one of yours on our Patty Peck Honda Facebook wall!

George Gillespie I cant stand people driving in the left lane on a 4 lane road thats for passing and emergency traffic. Also people need there lights on in the rain thats just plain stupid when they dont do it and dangerous. GO BRAVES!!!!!!

Ashley Karen Slow people in the left lane that won’t change lanes!

Tracy Smith Drivers that drive my bumper. They need to learn how to respect the space.

April Allen Hicks When someone pulls out in front of you, only to turn at the next dang street.

Samuel Mingo 1) People who don’t use there signal lights (they are not optional for use) 2) If a fly gets in my car (i will pull over on the side of the road to get one out)

Susan Ballard Cook Left lane slowpokes talking in the phone

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