What Is ECO Assist On The 2012 Honda Civic

June 7th, 2012 by

What is the Honda Eco Assist and Honda ECON Button and how does it help you drive further on a tank of gas? A method of increasing the fuel efficiency used on most 2012 Honda Civic models, 2012 Honda CR-V, Civic Hybrid, Insight, and CR-Z, Eco Assist consists of two parts: the ECON mode and the Driver Feedback System. While each method can work independently, together they help drivers maximize fuel efficiency for their specific driving conditions.

2012 Honda Civic Eco Assist Feedback System

Think of the Eco Assist as your onboard fuel-saving driving coach. For example, on either side of the digital speedometer in the 2012 Honda Civic, you will see helpful “coaching bars” that change color to let you know whether or not fuel efficient driving techniques are being used. When the bars are blue it means that you are using relatively inefficient techniques, green however indicates that more fuel-efficient driving techniques are being used. The color change from blue to green is gradual and the driver can deactivate this feature via the customizable setting area of the iMID.

Honda ECON Button

A feature separate from the Eco Assist feedback system is the ECON Button. When pushed it changes several operating aspects of the vehicle, sending it into a super-efficient mode to maximize your fuel efficiency. For instance, you will find the throttle response is smoother, the automatic transmission will upshift sooner and the Air Conditioning system will generally be somewhat less responsive. During the hot Mississippi summers when driving mostly in town you may want to deactivate the ECON button. On Honda Hybrids, when ECON mode is engaged, idle-stop operates more frequently and for longer periods of time, and regenerative braking is stronger.

The Bottom Line on Civics Higher MPG

All of the gas-saving technology in the new Civic may help you get an estimated 39 mpg on the highway. And in the new Honda Civic HF, an estimated 41 mpg. You could now go from the beach to the mountains with fewer stops for gas. All you need now is a longer playlist. Stop by Patty Peck Honda and try out the Eco Assist. Learn more about the 2012 Honda Civic – Features, brochure, prices and selection.