Honda Car Battery Service In Ridgeland

Honda Car Battery Service Ridgeland

The battery in your Honda functions like the human heart. It supplies electric energy to the vehicle and gives it the energy it needs to start and ignite the engine, as well as turn on your headlights on and listen to the radio! Like normal everyday batteries, vehicle batteries can lose charge and die over time, causing your vehicle to not start. Frequent battery checks and cleaning will help keep your vehicle running whenever you need it. Our Honda service center in Ridgeland, near Jackson, is highly capable of checking the battery system and providing you with a new one if you need it.

Car Battery Care & More

Routine battery service is important for your vehicle to keep it going strong! The more you drive your vehicle, the more your battery is in use, especially if you are a long distance commuter or do a lot of driving on a day-to-day basis. It is important to take care of your battery so that you do not end up stuck in a parking lot or in your own driveway.

What does a car battery do?: A battery is one of the utmost important components of your vehicle. Your battery keeps your vehicle operating so that you can get to all of you travel destinations. It delivers electric throughout the vehicle’s system and also stabilizes the voltage to keep it going. Basically, your mode of transportation depends on the condition of your battery and the area that it sits in. A clean area for your fully charged battery to stay in is your best bet for keeping your battery in tip-top shape!.

How to jumpstart a vehicle? There is bound to be that one time in your life where your battery will fail you, and you will need to jumpstart your vehicle. This is not to difficult, as long as you know the proper steps to take as you go along. First, you need to find a vehicle to help you jump it. Make sure that both of the vehicles are in “park” or “neutral” with the ignition off and emergency brake on. Then connect the cables; attach on red clip to the positive terminal in your battery and the other red clip to the positive terminal in the other vehicle’s battery and do the same for the black clips, accept attach one to a negative terminal on the other car’s battery and the other one to an unpainted, metal surface on your car. Next, try to start your vehicle. If it starts, then it worked! If it does not, that is a sign you need a new battery!

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle’s battery and replaced every 3-5 years, depending on how you drive. However, check your owner’s manual, as well as your battery brand for more specific information regarding your Honda model’s battery.

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At Patty Peck Honda, we are elated to offer a service center that can provide care to all makes and models throughout the Jackson area. We only use genuine OEM parts, to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best products that will keep you on the road for a longer period of time, worry free! We have early hours of operation Monday through Friday, so that if you would like to come in before you start your work day, you have that option to do so! Patty Peck Honda has been around for 30 years helping out customers of all vehicle types and issues, and we would love to continue to help them out for another 30 more!
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“Eric Rogers is an excellent service technician. His knowledge of solving problems and making repairs was very satisfying to me. He was friendly and informative. He is a big asset to Patty Peck Honda. CC Ladd meets you with a smile. She is courteous, friendly, and well-informed about Honda cars. CC does everything she can to help the customer. Every time my car needs service I will be calling CC.” – Review

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If your Honda is in need of a new car battery, you can schedule an appointment at our Ridgeland service center near Jackson by calling 601-957-3400 today.
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