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Honda Brake Service In Ridgeland

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Honda Brake Service Special in Ridgeland MS

The brakes on your Honda allow you stop, quickly or slowly, at a stop sign or in a traffic jam. Like most things in your vehicle, brakes wear down over time, causing them to not work as adequately as they could. Frequent brake maintenance will help keep your vehicle from not being able to stop or perform at its best! Our Ridgeland Honda service center near Jackson is highly trained in braking systems which can help your vehicle’s brakes function at their fullest potential.

Breaking Down Brake Service?

Routine brake service is important for your own protection, and that of other drivers around you! The more you drive your vehicle, the more your brake pads and brakes wear down, especially if you are in constant stop-and-go traffic. It is important to take care of your brakes so you have the ability to stop on a moment’s notice and keep everyone safe.

What do brakes do inside a vehicle? Brakes are one of the many important parts of your vehicle. Your brakes keep your vehicle from rolling out into the street, stopping at a traffic signal and keep you from hitting things (specifically furry ones) that suddenly jump out in front of you. Your safety, as well as others, depends on the condition of your brakes.

When is it time for new brakes? There are a plethora of ways you can tell when your vehicle is in need of new brakes. A grinding sound that sounds while pressing down on your brake pedal could indicate that your brake pads have worn out, making it difficult for your vehicle to stop effectively. If your brake pedal is responding in a different way (that is not normal) or it is difficult to push down on the pedal, that could mean your calipers have worn down unevenly, causing your brakes to not work “evenly”. Finally, if you feel a vibration in the steering wheel or through the pedal when you push down, that is a warning sign that you should take your vehicle in to be looked at by a certified mechanic right away.

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle’s brakes checked and replaced every 25-to-50,000-miles, however, check your owner’s manual for more specific information regarding your Honda model’s brakes.

Why Visit Our Honda Service Center in Ridgeland

At Patty Peck Honda, we are elated to offer a service center that can provide care to all makes and models throughout the greater Jackson area. We know that your vehicle’s issues can present themselves at times when you really need to be somewhere, so we offer drive-up service where you can come in without setting up an appointment and we can provide you with the assistance you need in an acceptable amount of time. We only use genuine OEM parts, to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best products that will keep you on the road for a longer period of time, worry free! We have early hours of operation Monday through Friday, so that if you would like to come in before you start your work day, you have that option to do so! Patty Peck Honda has been around for 30 years helping out customers of all vehicle types and issues, and we would love to continue to help them out for another 30 more!
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If your Honda is in the need of new brakes or brake pads, you can schedule an appointment at our service center near Jackson online or over the phone.


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