Honda Air Filter Replacement Service In Ridgeland

$79.95 Cabin and Engine Air Filter

Cabin & Engine Air Filter Replacement

Regular Price $92.95

$79.95 – Replace both Cabin Air Filter & Engine Air Filter. Price includes installation.

Present upon arrival. Plus tax. One per customer. No cash value. No further discounts apply. Some models may be hight. See dealer for details.

EXPIRES: 07/15/2020

Honda Air Filter Replacement

Sometimes getting on the road can be a breath of fresh air- or at least it’s supposed to be. However, if you haven’t replaced your cabin air filter, it may be less pleasant, especially during allergy season. Our Ridgeland Honda service and parts center serving Jackson uses genuine OEM parts, so when it’s time to replace your air filter, be assured you’ll receive exactly the part designed for your model.

When Should You Replace Your Air Filter?

Though your owner’s manual will advise on mileage intervals necessary to keep your cabin air fresh and clean, here are some signs it’s time to replace it:

  • Reduced Air Flow: It’s every driver’s nightmare: turn up the air conditioning on a blistering hot day, only to feel little to no air start moving. This is probably because your filter is too dirty to allow for much air movement.
  • Bad Odor: This is a sign for many car problems, but if you start your car and the air just smells dusty or stale, the cabin air filter may be the culprit. This is especially true if you haven’t replaced it in 12,000 miles.
  • Increased Noise: Your normally-quiet climate control has gotten pretty loud lately. That’s because the components, namely the van, are working overtime to compensate for a contaminated air filter, trying to push air through something that’s probably blocked.

Why Visit Our Honda Service Center in Ridgeland

At Patty Peck Honda, we understand that when your car is out of commission, it’s a huge inconvenience. Fortunately, we make it easy to receive efficient and accommodating service. For over 30 years, our trained technicians work on all makes and models. We also welcome drive-ups and open at 7:30 AM, since cars don’t stick to a convenient schedule when they need work done! We’re conveniently located just north of Jackson. Come see us for your automotive needs!

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