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Honda Muffler Service In Ridgeland

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Are you confident that your muffler is performing properly whenever you turn your engine on? Your Honda’s muffler is responsible for releasing exhaust gases to help your engine take in fresh oxygen. It also helps to keep your vehicle quiet while on the road. In order for your Honda to maintain the legal noise level, as well as perform at its ultimate best, you have to make sure your muffler is working efficiently. Our Honda service center in Ridgeland, near Jackson, is highly experienced in muffler replacement and exhaust system maintenance that can help keep you and your vehicle on the road!

Why is a Muffler Important?

Before I answer that question, let’s talk about where your muffler is located. Mufflers are typically mounted in line with your exhaust pipes, usually towards the end of the vehicle, right before the exhaust tips. They consist of a series of perforated tubes. Now, let’s get to the questions you care about:

  • What Does A Muffler Do? The muffler is designed to tune and minimize your engine’s sound output. As noise comes into the muffler, the sound waves bounce around against the baffles, creating opposing sound waves that cancel each other out. It also, helpfully might I add, directs the exhaust out of the vehicle.
  • When is it Time for a New Muffler? The most noticeable sign of a bad muffler is the noise. When your muffler is failing, your vehicle will suddenly sound a lot louder than it did before. Be aware of any unusual rattling noises, which could be the sound of a muffler that’s become loose or broken. Another sign to look for is lower MPG. If you are noticing that you are visiting your local gas station more than you usually are, then that could be a sign of a muffler problem. Lastly, a critically dangerous sign is when a bad odor is emitting from your vehicle. When your muffler has a leak, the fumes that are supposed to get released outside the vehicle, end up getting stuck inside. Over time, this situation can be dangerous and needs to be addressed immediately!

Why Visit Our Ridgeland Honda Service Center

Patty Peck Honda has been serving the greater Jackson area for over 30 years and settles for nothing less than excellence. Our service center services all makes and models, and all drive-ups are welcome with our Express Service. With our convenient hours, drivers can visit our dealership as early as 7:30am Monday through Friday. We are located just about 20 minutes north of Jackson MS, so stop on by!

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“Eric Rogers is an excellent service technician. His knowledge of solving problems and making repairs was very satisfying to me. He was friendly and informative. He is a big asset to Patty Peck Honda. CC Ladd meets you with a smile. She is courteous, friendly, and well-informed about Honda cars. CC does everything she can to help the customer. Every time my car needs service I will be calling CC.” – Review

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