How-To-Video: 2017 & 2018 Honda CR-V Change Clock Settings

Looking to change the clock settings in your Honda CR-V? If you’d prefer to have an accurate time displayed on your LCD screen, continue reading. We at Patty Peck Honda understand that navigating through settings can sometimes be a bit of a hassle; thus, we’re here to make things easy on you. We will walk you through changing the time in your CR-V. Simply follow the procedure below or refer to the video above. The video includes a few extra tutorials if you’d like to adjust the clock’s size and/or how it appears (digital vs analog).

The Process:

  • Select the Menu/clock button (underneath the List Push Select (LPS) knob)
  • Choose Adjust Clock (push the LPS knob inward)
  • Spin the LPS knob to change the hours
  • Push the LPS knob inward to move to the minutes
  • Spin the LPS knob to adjust the minutes
  • Push the LPS knob inward to finish the adjustment
  • Push the LPS knob to “set” the time

Changing the time in your CR-V is a rather simple process; one knob and a few spins and pushes; however, the clock can also be switched to military time. To change your clock from standard to military, simply choose the Settings option instead of the Adjust Clock option after selecting Menu/clock. Scroll down through the menu (using the LPS knob) until you come across Clock Format. Select Clock Format and choose 24h.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Ridgeland Honda dealer near Jackson, Madison, and Flowood at (601) 957-3400. You no longer have to wait a whole year for your clock to display the correct time again! We hope you find our instructions helpful. Feel free to browse through our other How-To video tutorials; your car may be capable of more than you think.