How The Honda Accord TPMS Works – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Honda Accord TPMSStandard on all 2013 Honda Accords and up is a new type of Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS for short. The system uses the vehicle’s ABS wheel sensors to calculate air pressure based on wheel rotation. This system is designed to keep you in touch with your tires inflation by giving you a visual warning on the instrument panel if it suspects air pressure has dropped a significant level.

The TPMS alert will display a flashing icon of a tires cross section with an exclamation point on your instrument panel. The alert indicates that air pressure has dropped 25% or more below the recommended cold-inflation pressure. When this happens, stop as soon as possible, visually inspect your tires for damage, check tire pressure and repair or inflate tires to proper inflation.

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In the event that you inflate, rotate or change one or more of your tires, you will need to recalibrate the system. Below you will find the TPMS instructional PDFs for each specific Accord Sedan model on how to calibrate your Accord.

As a courtesy to our Patty Peck Honda service customers, we will take care of recalibrating your Honda for you after making the proper corrections.

When to Calibrate the TPMS on Your Accord

You will need to perform a calibration procedure when certain conditions arise, such as:

  • The pressure in one or more tires have been adjusted.
  • The tires have been rotated.
  • One or more tires have been replaced

After tires have been brought back to proper inflation, rotated or replaced it is time to recalibrate the TPMS. First the car must be stopped and the shift lever must be in Park or for manual transmission models, in neutral. Turn the ignition switch to ON II. For Accord models with the smart entry system, press the button without pushing the brake pedal.

Accord Sedan TPMS Instructional PDFs

Below are Accord Sedan Model specific TPMS Instructional PDF’s so you can see how easy it is to calibrate your system when needed. Since 2013 and 2014 Accord models are the same, the following PDFs will work for both year models.

Keep in mind that the calibration process on all Accord trims requires approximately 30 minutes of cumulative driving at speeds between 30 – 60 mph to be completed and the indicator light to go out.

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