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2018 Accord Sedan Trim comparison bannerEveryone knows that the Honda brand is synonymous with quality and innovation, but do you know the humble beginnings of this global success? From a single bicycle shop in a Japanese village to sprawling tech centers in Silicon Valley, the transformation throughout Honda history will blow you away. Let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of this forward-thinking brand.


Born in a small village in Japan, Soichiro Honda was born as the son of a blacksmith. His family had a bicycle shop, where young Honda saw the importance of hard work and integrity firsthand. In 1948, Honda established the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. with Takeo Fujisawa to create quality motorcycles. By 1968, Honda had sold one million units in the U.S. alone. This success inspired Honda to move into the automotive manufacturing business, starting with the N600 in 1969. The brand consistently worked to stay ahead of the curve, as evident by its eco-friendly CVCC engine of the 1970s and the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle of 2008.


Honda has remained one of the top brands in the industry for decades. Not only does the brand enjoy a terrific reputation among Brandon, and Jackson drivers, but industry experts praise the quality and craftsmanship of the Honda inventory time and time again. Outside of the automotive industry, Honda recently re-entered Formula 1 racing and expanded its horizons with the HondaJet.


Honda has worked hard to implement environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices, and new innovations are always around the corner. The company set a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent as part of the Blues Skies for Our Children program, and the expansion of the ultra-low emissions Clarity series is just one of the many ways they have moved closer to this achievement. By the year 2030, Honda hopes to utilize electrified power for 75 percent of its inventory.

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