Get Better Fuel Efficiency with Better Driving Habits

January 8th, 2019 by

what to look for when test driving a used carWhile some vehicles are more efficient than others, you can boost the fuel efficiency of any car with the right driving habits. So if you want to get the most out of that fantastic Honda gas mileage, listen up! From simple maintenance to mindful driving, you might be surprised by just how many miles you can squeeze out of your next tank when you adjust your behavior behind the wheel. Let’s dive into the best tips and tricks for optimal fuel efficiency:

Driving with Purpose

One of the best ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to drive with purpose. That means no slamming on the brakes at stops, no stomping on the pedal at a green light, and no prolonged idling. The harder your engine has to work to keep up with you, the worse your fuel economy figures become. Try to think about driving as efficiently as possible. Maintain a consistent speed, since sudden acceleration burns up fuel faster than normal. Stay in the proper gear if you’re driving in manual mode. And try to avoid excessive idling, which can burn through your gas at a rate of half a gallon per hour!

Keeping Up with Maintenance

Even the most efficient driver in the world can only do so much. If your vehicle is poorly maintained, you could be wasting gallons of gas on every trip through Madison. The cost of upkeep pays for itself in better fuel efficiency figures, so don’t hesitate to schedule your service:

    • Air Filter: Did you know that changing your air filter can lead to a 15 percent increase in fuel efficiency? Don’t overlook this simple solution!
    • Fuel Type: Does your car need unleaded gas or premium fuel? Take a look at your owner’s manual if you’re not sure. The right fuel can make a big difference in your fuel economy.
    • Tire Pressure: Properly inflated tires maintain good grip with the road, while an underinflated set has to work much harder for the same performance. Check your air pressure monthly and top off when needed.
    • Wheels: Generally speaking, the lighter your vehicle, the better your efficiency. Consider upgrading to lighter alloy wheels when shopping around for replacements.

Learn More About Safe Driving with Patty Peck Honda

Now that you know all about fuel efficiency, why not expand your driving knowledge even more? Learn all about tips for teen drivers in Brandon and Jackson, or find out how long you should drive on a spare tire. Here at Patty Peck Honda we can offer tips on everything from how to save money on gas, to how to clean leather car seats and floor mats. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!