How To Connect, Use & Uninstall Android Auto in your Honda Vehicle

January 24th, 2020 by

Android Auto in 2020 Honda PassportConnecting your Android to a compatible Honda vehicle takes just a few minutes and gives you a variety of smartphone functions to use safely while on the road. When you join an Android phone to the audio system via the USB port, Android Auto automatically initiates. When connected via Android Auto, you can use the audio/information screen to access the Phone, Google Maps (Navigation), Google Play Music, and Google Now functions.

In the video below, Cadden takes a 2020 Honda Passport EX-L, standard with Android Auto integration and shows you how to:

  • Download the Android Auto app on your compatible phone
  • Use Android Auto through the Honda Display Audio by touch and voice command
  • Uninstall your Android Auto information from your vehicle

Android Auto Tips For a Successful Installation

Successfully connecting your phone to Android Auto will require your phone’s software to be up to date, Android 5.0 or later is recommended. You’ll also need an active cellular connection and data plan, carrier’s rate plans will apply.

Put your Honda in PARK and START the engine. Connect a good quality USB cable to the USB port located in the console panel.

When your Android phone is connected to Android Auto, it is not possible to use the Bluetooth Audio. However, other previously paired phones can stream audio via Bluetooth while Android Auto is connected.

Uninstalling Your Phone from Android Auto

The time will come to uninstall or delete your phones information from the vehicle, should you sell or trade your vehicle, replace your phone or update your app. First, disconnect your phone from the USB if connected and follow the steps below;

  • Press the HOME button at the top left hand corner of your Honda’s display audio system
  • Select the SETTINGS icon
  • Select Connections
  • Select Android Auto, select the enabled phone you want to delete
  • Choose Delete