Pick-a-Place with Parents and Kids, Powered by Patty Peck Honda

January 26th, 2018 by


At Patty Peck Honda, we love our customers and we love Mississippi. We’re partnering with Parents & Kids Media Magazine to show off some great things to do here in Mississippi and show you how a Patty Peck Honda is one of the best ways to get there!

Parents and Kids Contest : [Spokes Kid Contest Details]

Pick-a-Place is a new blog showcasing where to go and what to do in Mississippi. Later this month be on the lookout a Pick-a-Place Video using a brand new Honda Odyssey to get around!

Spokes Kid Contest Powered by Patty Peck Honda

Patty Peck Honda loves families and we’re pretty sure families love us just as much. We’re starting a Patty Peck Spokes Kid Contest with Parents and Kids asking you to identify some great Spokes Kids right here in Central Mississippi. Soon we’ll be launching a video series with these Spokes Kids and they’ll be reviewing all of our favorite Patty Peck Hondas! Have you ever wondered what your kids think about their Odyssey? Here’s your chance to find out and get them to tell everyone.

The Patty Peck Spokes Kid contest is a chance for kids and families that love Patty Peck Honda (or that just love cars!) to show it to everyone. Winners of the contest will participate in a Parents & Kids Media social media series, Kids Review Cars, coming in 2018 and a chance to be a Patty Peck Spokes Kid in 2019 to participate in a televised commercial.

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