What is the correct PSI for my Honda vehicle?

May 28th, 2017 by

Tire presure

Proper PSI for your Honda vehicle

Tires are probably one of the most important part of your car. They are both the foundation of your car, and also the shoes that help it move. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure that your Honda’s tires are in good driving condition. The most important factor when it comes to tire maintenance is making sure that each tire is filled to the correct Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), as per your vehicle’s owner’s manual. That is why Patty Peck Honda has put together a shortlist of the proper PSI for your Honda vehicle. We have included some of our most successful models. We hope you use this post as a useful reference, and stay safe on the road ahead!

Correct tire pressure for Honda Vehicles

2017 Honda Accord

  • 29-35 psi is ideal for the front and rear tires on the 2017 Accord.

2017 Honda Civic

  • Ideal tire pressure for the 2017 Civic is 32 psi for front and rear tires.

2017 Honda CR-V

  • Generally for the 2017 CR-V, levels between 30-35 psi are recommended.

2017 Honda Pilot

  • Psi for the 2017 Honda Pilot should be from 35-40 psi.

2017 Honda HR-V

  • Tire pressure levels for the 2017 HR-V should be between 30-35 PSI for front and rear wheels.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

  • The recommended tire pressure for the 2017 Ridgeline is between 37 and 45 psi.

2017 Honda Odyssey

  • Recommended tire pressure for the 2017 Odyssey is right around 30-35 psi.